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 Opening Ceremonies: Part One

The Games

A Novel by Claire Carver-Dias

There's more at stake than winning.

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The Athletes


A photo of Yasmine

I am an injured marathoner and Nate’s wife.

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A photo of Jayna

I am a university basketball player and Olympic hopeful.

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A photo of Samuel

I am the un-athletic younger brother of an Olympic rower.

I don’t do social media.


A photo of Nate

I’m the Olympic and university women’s basketball coach. I get the best out of my players.

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A photo of Ellis

I’m an activist. Live a simple life. Make a statement.

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A photo of Lexi

I’m an Olympic rowing veteran recovering from surgery.

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A photo of Andrea

I’m a US sprint kayak champion.

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A photo of Brent

I’m an Olympic rower.

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A photo of JJ

I’m an Olympic rower.

Wow! What a workout. I'm on track to beat my personal best.

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A photo of Vincent

I’m a backstroker training for 2012.

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A photo of Mary

I’m a synchronized swimmer and Olympic hopeful. I didn’t make the cut for the novel. Maybe if I lose a couple more pounds I'll make it next time.

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A photo of Matt

I’m a World Champion diver. I got cut from the manuscript too.

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